Maria Engberg

Research Affiliate AEL
Universitetslektor and Deputy Dean
School of Planning and Media Design
Blekinge Institute of Technology
Karlskrona, Sweden



Maria Engberg holds a Ph.D. in English from Uppsala University, Sweden. Engberg’s research focuses on digital media studies, digital media production, contemporary culture, visual culture, and the impact of digital technologies on literature and culture with particular focus on digital literature. She is currently working on a book project on contemporary digital aesthetics, tentatively titled “Polyaesthetics: Experiencing Digital Media Cultures.” Her doctoral dissertation on digital poetry, Born Digital: Writing Poetry in an Age of Digital Media (2007), was one of the first in the field. Engberg is the author of several articles about digital literature and culture, among them “Writing on the World: Augmented Reading Environments.” Peter Gendolla and Jörgen Schäfer, eds. Special issue of Sprache und Literatur 108. 42.2 (2011),  “From Madonna to Lady Gaga, or Toward a Concept of Post-Postmodernism” Forthcoming 2012; “Digital Literature and the Modernist Problem.” with Jay Bolter. Digital Humanities Quarterly. (Summer 2011); “Aesthetics of Noise in Digital Poetry” in Cybertext Yearbook Series (2010); and “Morphing into New Modes of Writing: John Cayley’s riverIsland” in Leonardo Electronic Almanac (2006). She has produced several digital media productions, including the ongoing cultural heritage and aesthetic Augmented Reality project “The Lights of St Etienne,” a mobile media experience using multimedia and AR technology in the renowned cathedral in Metz, France.


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