Enylton Coelho

Founder at eyllo tecnologia ltda.

Email: enylton@yahoo.com


In 2010 founded eyllo tecnologia ltda. to explore commercial opportunities associated with mobile augmented reality. From 2006 to 2010 was Research Engineer at Bosch Research and Technology Center in Palo Alto, CA. Enylton receive a Ph.D. from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2005.


Book Chapters

Robertson, Cindy, Enylton Coelho, Blair MacIntyre, and Simon Julier. 2007. "Developing AR Systems in the Presence of Spatial Uncertainty." In M. Haller, M. Billinghurst, and B. Thomas (Eds), Emerging Technologies of Augmented Reality: Interfaces and Design,, Idea Group Publishing.

Conference Papers

Coelho, Enylton, Blair MacIntyre, and Simon Julier. 2004. "OSGAR: A Scene Graph with Uncertain Transformations." Paper presented at ISMAR '04. 2-5 November 2004. Arlington, Virginia. IEEE Computer Society, 6-15.

Coelho, Enylton and Blair MacIntyre. 2003. "High-Level Tracker Abstractions for Augmented Reality System Design." Paper presented at STARS '03 at ISMAR '03. 7 October 2003. Tokyo, Japan. IEEE Computer Society.

MacIntyre, Blair, Enylton Coelho, and Simon Julier. 2002. "Estimating and Adapting to Registration Errors in Augmented Reality Systems." Paper presented at VR '02. March 2002. Orlando Florida. IEEE, 73-80.

MacIntyre, Blair and Enylton Coelho. 2000. "Adapting to Dynamic Registration Errors Using Level of Error (LOE) Filtering." Paper presented at ISAR '00. October 5-6 2000. Munich, Germany. IEEE, 85-88.
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