Evan Barba

PhD Candidate
Georgia Institute of Technology

Email: evanbarba@gmail.com
URL: http://evanbarba.com


I am currently finishing my dissertation on the Multiscale Design of Mixed Reality Experiences. Next fall I will begin as an Assistant Professor of Technology Studies in the Communication Culture and Technology Program at Georgetown University.


Barba, Evan, Blair MacIntyre, and Elizabeth Mynatt. 2012. "Here We Are! Where Are We? Locating Mixed Reality in The Age of the Smartphone." Proceedings of the IEEE, 100 (4): 929-936. IEEE.

Conference Papers

Barba, Evan and Blair MacIntyre. 2011. "A Scale Model of Mixed Reality." Paper presented at C&C '11. ACM, 117-126.

Hill, Alex, Evan Barba, Blair MacIntyre, Maribeth Gandy, and Brian Davidson. 2011. "Mirror Worlds: Experimenting with Heterogeneous AR." Paper presented at ISUVR '11. 22-25 August 2011. Daejoen, South Korea. 9-12.

Xu, Yan, Evan Barba, Iulian Radu, Maribeth Gandy, Richard Shemaka, Brian Schrank, Blair MacIntyre, and Tony Tseng. 2011. "Pre-Patterns for Designing Embodied Interactions in Handheld Augmented Reality Games." Paper presented at ISMAR '11. 26-29 October 2011. IEEE, 19-28.

Barba, Evan, Rebecca Rouse, Blair MacIntyre, and Jay Bolter. 2010. "Thinking Inside the Box: Making Meaning in a Handheld Augmented Reality Experience." Paper presented at ISMAR-AMH '10. 13-16 October 2010. Seoul, South Korea. IEEE, 19-26.

Barba, Evan, Blair MacIntyre, Rebecca Rouse, and Jay Bolter. 2009. "(in)box with Malcom." Paper presented at C&C '09. ACM, 455-456.

Barba, Evan, Yan Xu, Blair MacIntyre, and Tony Tseng. 2009. "Lessons from a Class on Handheld Augmented Reality Game Design." Paper presented at FDG '09. ACM, 2-9.

Xu, Yan, Maribeth Gandy, Sami Deen, Brian Schrank, Kim Spreen, Michael Gorbsky, Timothy White, Evan Barba, Iulian Radu, Jay Bolter, and Blair MacIntyre. 2008. "BragFish: Exploring Physical and Social Interaction in Co-located Handheld Augmented Reality Games." Paper presented at ACE '08. Yokohama, Japan: ACM, 276-283.
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