Hans Bouwknegt

visiting Professor Academy for Digital Entertainment, The Netherlands

Email: hansbouwknegt@me.com


Hans Bouwknegt is a visiting Professor at the Academy for Digital Entertainment, The Netherlands. He works at the intersection between academic research and creative industries and consults for some of the major media companies in The Netherlands. He currently advises the board of Talpa -producers of The Voice and Utopia- on their international digital strategy. Next to that, he builds networks where academics and industry executives collaboratively develop academic knowledge, tangible products, creative and digital strategies. Bouwknegt initiated and supervised several Dutch and European research projects that successfully brought innovations to market. Among them are measurable VR environments in both CAVE and Oculus Rift for clients like Heinz, Nokia, Talpa. Together with Jay Bolter and Maria Enberg, Bouwknegt is currently developing an AR experience platform for the Van Gogh Europe consortium.

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