Iulian Radu

Email: iulian@cc.gatech.edu
URL: http://www.cc.gatech.edu/~iulian/


Iulian is pursuing a PhD in Human Centered Computing within the Augmented Environments Lab at Georgia Tech. His research is focused on the design of augmented reality (AR) applications for elementary-school children. He is specifically interested in using developmental psychology to design age-appropriate AR applications that match, as well as improve, children's cognitive and motor abilities. Currently he is involved in designing and evaluating AR games for elementary-school children. His previous projects include AR Spot (an AR authoring environment based on Scratch), Puppy Plus (an AR game for teaching elementary mathematics), and Thought Play (an AR environment for constructing immersive mind-maps).

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Conference Papers

Xu, Yan, Sam Mendenhall, Vu Ha, Iulian Radu, and Blair MacIntyre. 2012. "Trade-Offs for Designing Handheld Augmented Reality Game Interfaces." Paper presented at Workshop on Mixed Reality Games at CSCW '12. 11-15 February 2012. Seattle, Washington.

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Yarosh, Svetlana, Iulian Radu, Seth Hunter, and Eric Rosenbaum. 2011. "Examining Values: An Analysis of Nine Years of IDC Research." Paper presented at IDC '11. 20-23 June 2011. Ann Arbor, USA: 136-144.

Radu, Iulian and Blair MacIntyre. 2010. "AR SPOT: Authoring Augmented-Reality Experiences through Scratch." Paper presented at Scratch@MIT Conference. Boston, USA.

Radu, Iulian, Ruby Zheng, Gary Golubski, and Mark Guzdial. 2010. "Augmented Reality in the Future of Education." Paper presented at CHI '10. Boston, USA.

Radu, Iulian. 2008. "ThoughtPlay: Studying Cognition Through Augmented-Reality Interaction." Paper presented at DCC '08. Atlanta, USA.

Xu, Yan, Maribeth Gandy, Sami Deen, Brian Schrank, Kim Spreen, Michael Gorbsky, Timothy White, Evan Barba, Iulian Radu, Jay Bolter, and Blair MacIntyre. 2008. "BragFish: Exploring Physical and Social Interaction in Co-located Handheld Augmented Reality Games." Paper presented at ACE '08. Yokohama, Japan: ACM, 276-283.
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