Kim Spreen



Kimberly Spreen is a graduate of Georgia Tech with an M.S. in Computer Science.  Her contributions to the Augmented Environments Lab include development work on the BragFish and Art of Defense projects, and lead development of the ARf (virtual pet in AR for iOS) and ARhrrrr! (AR zombie shooter for the Nvidia Tegra) projects.  After graduating, she became an independent contractor in mobile development, publishing a number of iOS applications.  She was lead developer for the Rock'em Sock'em AR demo for Qualcomm's 2010 Uplinq conference.  After that, she spent nearly two years working for Qualcomm as lead technical support for the Vuforia Augmented Reality SDK.  Currently, Kim is working on a number of mobile applications while spending lots of time with her toddler son.

Conference Papers

Xu, Yan, Maribeth Gandy, Sami Deen, Brian Schrank, Kim Spreen, Michael Gorbsky, Timothy White, Evan Barba, Iulian Radu, Jay Bolter, and Blair MacIntyre. 2008. "BragFish: Exploring Physical and Social Interaction in Co-located Handheld Augmented Reality Games." Paper presented at ACE '08. Yokohama, Japan: ACM, 276-283.
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