Markus Haas



Markus did his undergradute work at Trinity University, concentrating on Virtual Reality. Under his advisor Dr. Gerald Pitts, he worked on algorithmic methods for object generation and placement in dynamic virtual worlds. This led to his honors thesis, Dynamic Objects: A Notion of Realism in Virtual Reality Worlds. After a stint in industry, he returned to academia at Georgia Tech. Presented with a wide array of options of what to study, he soon settled on Augmented Reality. While at GT, Markus is working on experiments relating to the use of aura and presence to make better augmented reality experiences, and at a more basic level, learn what "better" really means as the term is applied to AR.

Conference Papers

MacIntyre, Blair, Jay Bolter, Jeannie Vaughn, Brendan Hannigan, Maribeth Gandy, Emmanuel Moreno, Markus Haas, Sin-Hwa Kang, David Krum, and Stephen Voida. 2003. "Three Angry Men: An Augmented-Reality Experiment in Point-of-View Drama." Paper presented at TIDSE '03. March 24-26 2003. Darmstadt, Germany. 230-236.

MacIntyre, Blair, Jay Bolter, Jeanne Vaughn, Brendan Hannigan, Emmannuel Moreno, Markus Haas, and Maribeth Gandy. 2002. "Three Angry Men: Dramatizing Point-of-View using Augmented Reality." Paper presented at SIGGRAPH '02. 21-26 July 2002. San Antonio, Texas. 268.
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