Rebecca Rouse



Rebecca Rouse is PhD candidate and instructor in the Digital Media program at The Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, GA). She is a student of Professor Jay David Bolter and collaborates on research in the Augmented Environments Laboratory, creating cultural heritage experiences with augmented reality technology. Rebecca's dissertation focuses on the dramaturgy of digital technologies in story-based theater. To find out more, please visit her portfolio website.

Conference Papers

Barba, Evan, Rebecca Rouse, Blair MacIntyre, and Jay Bolter. 2010. "Thinking Inside the Box: Making Meaning in a Handheld Augmented Reality Experience." Paper presented at ISMAR-AMH '10. 13-16 October 2010. Seoul, South Korea. IEEE, 19-26.

Barba, Evan, Blair MacIntyre, Rebecca Rouse, and Jay Bolter. 2009. "(in)box with Malcom." Paper presented at C&C '09. ACM, 455-456.
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