Stephen Voida

Postdoctoral Association
Department of Information Science
Cornell University



Stephen received a Ph.D. student in computer science, with an emphasis in Human-Computer Interaction, from Georgia Tech. He worked with faculty advisors Blair MacIntyre and Elizabeth Mynatt and on research in large-scale displays, collaboration, and ubiquitous and context-aware computing for office environments. His research interests also include user interface design and evaluation and augmented reality.


Liogkas, Nikitas, Blair MacIntyre, Elizabeth Mynatt, Yannis Smaragdakis, Eli Tilevich, and Stephen Voida. 2004. "Automatic Partitioning for Prototyping Ubiquitous Computing Applications." IEEE Pervasive Computing: Special Issue on Building and Evaluating Ubiquitous System Software, 3 (3): 40-47. IEEE.

Voida, Stephen, Elizabeth Mynatt, Blair MacIntyre, and Gregory Corso. 2002. "Integrating Virtual and Physical Context to Support Knowledge Workers." IEEE Pervasive Computing, 99 (3): 73-79. IEEE.

Book Chapters

MacIntyre, Blair, Elizabeth Mynatt, and Stephen Voida. 2007. "Supporting Activity in Desktop and Ubiquitous Computing." In Designing Integrated Digital Work Environments: Beyond the Desktop Metaphor,, 195-222. Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press.

Mynatt, Elizabeth , Elaine Huang, Blair MacIntyre, and Stephen Voida. 2003. "Large Displays for Knowledge Work." 80. Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Conference Papers

MacIntyre, Blair, Jay Bolter, Jeannie Vaughn, Brendan Hannigan, Maribeth Gandy, Emmanuel Moreno, Markus Haas, Sin-Hwa Kang, David Krum, and Stephen Voida. 2003. "Three Angry Men: An Augmented-Reality Experiment in Point-of-View Drama." Paper presented at TIDSE '03. March 24-26 2003. Darmstadt, Germany. 230-236.

MacIntyre, Blair, Elizabeth Mynatt, Stephen Voida, Klaus Hansen, Joe Tullio, and Gregory Corso. 2001. "Support For Multitasking and Background Awareness Using Interactive Peripheral Displays." Paper presented at UIST '01. ACM, 41-50.
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