Tobias Lang



Tobias Lang visited the AEL while working on his Master's of Science degree in Media Informatics at the Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, Germany. Early on, he discovered his passion for computer generated images, both in traditional rendering and realtime programming. He started designing 3D graphics and soon became fascinated in the joint of technology and art. Tobias believes that many tasks in the field of virtual graphics can benefit from a better understanding of both sides, which employs knowing and pushing technology to enable the efficient support for artists to create stunning and compelling virtual experiences. After he first experienced Augmented Reality, it became one of his major fields of interests and he got the opportunity to visit Dr. Blair MacIntyre at the AEL for six months in 2005. During that stay, he implemented an AR framework based on the Ogre3D open source engine and designed 3D content for the lab's"Presence in Augmented Reality" studies. In 2007 Tobias joined the AEL again to execute his Master's thesis "Augmented Reality Experiences in Massive Multiplayer Online Worlds" which, in collabortation with the LCC, examines the potential and drawbacks of using existing MMOs for Augmented Reality experiences like AR Machinma, experimental theatre and remote conferences. For this project Tobias implemented an Augmented Reality interface to the virtual world of Second Life.

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