Yan Xu

PhD Candidate, Human-Centered Computing Program, Interactive Computing School
Research Assistant, Augmented Environments Lab

Email: yan.xu@gatech.edu
URL: http://www.cc.gatech.edu/~vivixu


I am a PhD candidate in Human-Centered Computer program. My research focus is about exploring, designing and evaluating hand-held augmented reality game experience. I've designed and evaluated a few handheld AR games, such as BragFish and ARt of Defense. I am currently working on another handheld AR game, NerdHerder. By designing and evaluating these AR games, I am interested in answering research questions about how the social game experience is shaped and supported by game design, in which the interface and interaction design plays a fundamental role.

Latest posts

  1. Best Paper and Poster from AEL@ISMAR 2011 (IEEE International Symposium of Mixed and Augmented Reality) — October 29, 2011

Conference Papers

Xu, Yan, Sam Mendenhall, Vu Ha, Iulian Radu, and Blair MacIntyre. 2012. "Trade-Offs for Designing Handheld Augmented Reality Game Interfaces." Paper presented at Workshop on Mixed Reality Games at CSCW '12. 11-15 February 2012. Seattle, Washington.

Blumenthal, Hank, Yan Xu, Sanika Mokashi, Nachiketas Ramanujam, Jason Nunes, and Richard Shemaka. 2011. "The Ghost Club Storyscape: Designing for Transmedia Storytelling." Paper presented at IGIC '11. IEEE, 104-106.

Radu, Iulian, Yan Xu, and Blair MacIntyre. 2011. "Eliciting Embodied Metaphors through Augmented-Reality Game Design." Paper presented at CHI '11. Vancouver, Canada.

Xu, Yan, Evan Barba, Iulian Radu, Maribeth Gandy, Richard Shemaka, Brian Schrank, Blair MacIntyre, and Tony Tseng. 2011. "Pre-Patterns for Designing Embodied Interactions in Handheld Augmented Reality Games." Paper presented at ISMAR '11. 26-29 October 2011. IEEE, 19-28.

Xu, Yan and Blair MacIntyre. 2011. "Theory-driven Design for Social Play with Mobile Augmented Reality." Paper presented at Workshop Designing Mobile Augmented Reality: Issues and Opportunities at MobileHCI ’11.

Barba, Evan, Yan Xu, Blair MacIntyre, and Tony Tseng. 2009. "Lessons from a Class on Handheld Augmented Reality Game Design." Paper presented at FDG '09. ACM, 2-9.

Huynh, Duy, Karthik Raveendran, Yan Xu, Kimberly Spreen, and Blair MacIntyre. 2009. "Art of Defense: A Collaborative Handheld Augmented Reality Board Game." Paper presented at SIGGRAPH '09. ACM, 135-142.

Xu, Yan, Deepak Jagdish, Vasudhara Kantroo, Eric Dudiak, Blair MacIntyre, and Jay Bolter. 2009. "fASK!: Encouraging User-Generated Content for Mobile AR Applications." Paper presented at ISMAR Workshop on Social AR.

Xu, Yan, Maribeth Gandy, Sami Deen, Brian Schrank, Kim Spreen, Michael Gorbsky, Timothy White, Evan Barba, Iulian Radu, Jay Bolter, and Blair MacIntyre. 2008. "BragFish: Exploring Physical and Social Interaction in Co-located Handheld Augmented Reality Games." Paper presented at ACE '08. Yokohama, Japan: ACM, 276-283.
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