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NerdHerder is a causal mobile game that involves motion-based puzzle solving.

The game’s premise is that you are hired as an IT manager, and your job is to use “management skills” to get the unruly nerd employees back to work in their cubicles. The core game mechanic relies on the physical position and movement of the handheld device in relation to the physical-digital game world.

NerdHerder creatively integrates puzzle-solving and motion-based action with a mobile Augmented Reality interface.

More information about this game can be found on www.MicroNerd.net

Current team members:

Vu Ha, Sam Mendenhall, Yan Xu, Paul Tillery (Savannah College of Art and Design), and Josh Cohen (Berklee College of Music)

Advised by Blair MacIntyre, John Sharp, Maribeth Gandy, and Tony Tseng


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  1. Simiya

    Nice game concept.

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