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Collaborative Systems


Augmented Office Environments: Kimura

The Augmented Office Environments project seeks to explore and evaluate the addition of visual peripheral displays to human-computer interfaces. Often discussed in the context of ubiquitous computing and augmented environments, these displays are envisioned as a natural extension to traditional computing in a work setting. In particular, we are interested in leveraging projected displays as …

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Distributed teams are nothing new to the workplace, but carrying out ‘normal’ collaborative activities is very difficult when team members are not co-located. Video-based techniques can reinforce the different spatial contexts in which distributed team members reside, effectively creating a dividing window. Physical teamroom artifacts such as sketches and brainstorming are not accessible across this boundary. …

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Mirror Worlds

Main Mirror World Site <EXTERNAL LINK> Augmented Reality (AR) technology merges virtual content with the physical world. Mobile devices have advanced to the point that we can combine knowledge of where you are, what you are doing, and what you need to augment the physical world around you with virtual content for entertainment, education, information, …

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